CDIO Members

With condition('n.type','school','=')->fields('n',array('nid'))->distinct()->execute()->rowCount(); ?> collaborating educational institutions worldwide, the CDIO Initiative is expanding constantly. Below please find a list of CDIO member schools. Please click on their title to discover more about specific programs at each collaborating institution.

SE-701 82 Örebro Sweden
CDIO contact: Niklas Eriksen
10000 Zagreb Croatia
CDIO contact: Doris Novak
Aalborg Denmark
CDIO contact: Olav Geil
Aarhus Denmark
CDIO contact: Jens B. Bennedsen
20500 Turku Finland
CDIO contact: Jerker Björkqvist
Tempe Arizona United States
CDIO contact: Chell Roberts
Birmingham United Kingdom
CDIO contact: Gareth Thomson
Astrakhan Russia
CDIO contact: Irina Petrova


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